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There are currently three main areas that our church is working to provide support in ministering the love of Jesus Christ overseas. Below you will find information about our Dessalines Haiti Hospital Ministry. We are also proud to support our missionaries Ken and Linda who serve in the Middle East. We are also very excited about our Child Care International Ministry. You will find more detailed information and links to these ministries below.


Haiti Dessalines Hospital, officially known as Claire Heureuse Hospital serves a population of over 250,000 in the rural Dessalines area of Haiti. The hospital averages over 100 outpatient visits per day, with over 60 beds for inpatient hospitalization. The hospital has a Haitian staff of 87 employees. They likewise have ten outlying clinics supervised under the hospital’s care. The hospital has an active spiritual outreach resulting in an average of 15-20 commitments to Christ per month. Below is a video of this wonderful ministry in Haiti.

Haiti Hospital “Dessalines Hospital Healthcare Advocates”


Child Sponsorship through International Child Care Ministry (I.C.C.M.) provides food, clothing, education, and more in a display of Christian love for children around the world. At present approximately 20,000 children are either being sponsored (17,000), or are on sponsor scholarship (1,500), or are enrolled waited to be sponsored (1,000). For only $30 a month you can partner with God to give a child a future and hope.


Ken and Linda our Missionaries in the Middle East
Because of the dangers of serving in the Middle East we have chosen to give Ken and Linda a level of ambiguity.


Impact Middle East (IME) serves the Free Methodist Church in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), an area that is not particularly friendly to Christianity and where the spread of the gospel is often restricted and prohibited. The Arab Spring demonstrations and revolts have broken down barriers and have opened many doors. Communities and even whole nations have descended into chaos. People are vulnerable and questioning. The tens of thousands of refugees forced to flee their homes and find shelter in other lands are particularly open to anyone who will love and care for them. Terrible stories of persecution, rape and torture, as well as the ravages of war are common. Into this milieu, IME comes with good news that Someone does love them and that we are His representatives. As a result of our efforts and those of other like-minded people, great spiritual movement is taking place across the region. Much is happening that we are unable to report. We thank you for your prayers and financial support for our missionaries in this troubled area of the world.