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Serving Others
Our mission is to “GO AND LOVE AS GOD LOVES!” The most loving thing we can do for people is to share with them the love of God through Christ Jesus. – Our desire is to share with people the Gospel message of how God gave His Son Jesus to pay the penalty for our sins. We want people to understand that in receiving Him and following Him we can have the assurance of forgiveness and of new life both in this world and in God’s kingdom to come.
The example of love that we see from Jesus as recorded throughout the Gospels is that He helped people where they were. He helped them with their immediate needs so that they would trust Him with their greatest needs. Part of what it means to “Go and love as God loves” means to minister to the needs of those within our circles on influence: Locally, Regionally, and Globally.

  • Locally: We want to be a blessing to our neighbors. Whether it’s helping with a home repair, raking leaves, or helping with the expense of an automotive repair, or simply visiting and praying with someone in need, we want to be a blessing.


  • Regionally: We want to support and encourage ministries within our communities by visiting nursing homes, supporting prison ministries, as well as homeless shelters, rehabilitation centers, and the like.


  • Globally: We want to support financially and prayerfully our missionaries serving in the Middle East. We likewise support a hospital in Haiti through “Haiti Health Advocates.” We participate in short term mission projects both abroad and in communities across America.

We seek to show God’s love to others because God first showed His love to us. Come and join us in our ministry efforts!