Opening Doors to Healthy Relationships with God!

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10:15am Sunday Morning Worship
6:00pm Wednesday Dinner Church

20545 Riverwood Ave.
Noblesville, Indiana 46062

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We are followers of Jesus who seek to LOVE GOD wholeheartedly and live out His love daily in the lives of our families, our church, our community, and people everywhere! We are established in the Bible, grounded in Prayer, and transformed by God’s love for us! And our mission is to GO AND LOVE AS GOD LOVES!

We believe that ministry must begin at home. We are called to be faithful in showing God’s love to our spouses and children. God has also brought us together to be His Church. We believe in the importance of coming together as His church. It is here we find strength through encouragement, discipleship, and fellowship. Yet God has also brought us together functioning as one body to minister to the needs of our community and to win over to God those who have not given themselves to Christ. But even in this God has called us to minister to not only our communities but to all the world. We are among the most blessed people in the entire world.

God calls us to go and also show His love abroad, especially to the poor, the down trodden, the fatherless, and the widow. This is our vision and our mission as the Open Door Church!